Tuesday, 27 January 2009


with all the snow, it would have been crazy not to try out skiing, and just like many other things it always seemed easy played out in the mind while watching others.

happy new year

27 days are gone into the new year, hope it is still happy for many people. Mine began in Telemark specifically junbø attending a Kristen russ camp,or what some would call seniors camp or leavers camp. Moments in Worship and prayers stirred my heart to wanting more involvement with young people, being part of a greater course, enjoying God's goodness and favor.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

I will definately miss this

They call it jul month"christmas month", i think they needed to call it a parting month, because as far as i can remember i have never been to so many parties before especially ones in which rice porridge is a main delicacy, in the second week of December i had grøt (rice porridge) for dinner four days in a row that was crazy!!!.

First it was our Norwegian class turned into a pepper kaker making class, come to think of it pepper cakes, sounds interesting but they are something more close to ginger biscuits spiced up with cadamon and cinamon. Then it was card making at marita women' cafe . This something i would love to practice more in the future, giving gifts with a personal touch and not necessarily monitory touch.Then it was the christmas presents game at the C.U. and even more parties.Then came the "jul aften"Christmas eve where everyone dresses up and goes to church in the evening and to go back home for special Christmas food.The amazing thing is that everyone in Norway would tel you they may have eaten the same Christmas food every year for as long as they can remember.

I cannot forget to talk about the reason for the season,that is Jesus Christ" and he is every good and perfect gift from Gods heart to ours, he is the joy, peace and love that we need as human beings".

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Christian union

One of our tasks was to work closely with the christian union in Oslo university, we met for fellowship every Wednesday, to share food, sing, pray and share God's word. There was always a heavenly feeling that came while meeting with believers from as many countries as presented in this picture with the following different nationalities of Norway,Germany, Morocco, Iran, China, Uganda,South Africa,Nigeria,Ghana, Kenya and Philippines.


"in Norway we dont say bad weather we can only say bad dressing"hahaha that statement makes sence.checkout the transformation, what a bunch of good students.we are still smiling even in the chilly moments

These are the Hald interantional FOCUS students in stavanger attending a staff conference.it was really nice meeting the other students and sharing our experiences during the internship.

The conference also gave us a chance to share with the NKSS staff.After sharing in the two broad themes of Gospel and dicipleship we certainly needed direction.

Nothing gives peace like a heart assured in the fathers leading,such kind of assurance is only gotten from the ability to speak to him through prayers.just like many of the biblical leaders we also had momemts of prayer during the conference.the prayers were organized in regions and so this was during Region øst time.

Friday, 7 November 2008


sometimes we have koselig moments like ,I had a chance to attend a Norwegian wedding last weekend in Bergen.of course it had some kenyan touch since the guy was from kenya (Ingrid,s and miriti,s wedding) but it was typically Norwegian and by the end of that weekend i wished i could go to see a dentist because i already have bad teeth.

Cakes cakes and cakes it never stops unless you stop it by yourself.Can you imagine all this cakes for just about 35 guests and speaking of guests 1 was also shocked at the number, you definately know what i mean especially if you come from a country with 36 million people.


General Samling
It was lovely to be part of the General samling 08 in Oslo region. which is a meeting held every two years to give reports and also do nominations of leaders.This is the equivalent of FOCUS AGM.The majority of the deligates are students,staff workers and friends of laget.This weekend was well organized and we also participated in the organization.Unlike many AGM's that focus on business matters this is also coupled with a concert,several different group talks about the students work and a Main speaker is invited.They invited the General secretary of IFES who spoke in an two meetings during this weekend about the theme of changing students.i had a chance to be with the university students representatives who were brainstorming on how to enhance the work in universities.the focus was more on how to reach out to other students on campus. This is not just a challenge in norway but also in the entire world where evrything has become relative, the need is for more creativity but also for deliberateness and authenticity.

Staff prayer team
The OKSl office has been working on enhancing the work in schools and universities through programme evaluation.This is a team composed of the porgammes development leader and the two students and schools directors.We are currently working with this team and we meet evry week to evaluate the work and pray for the movement together.the aim is to enhance fellowhip and deeper prayer for the work.this week we were so happy when one of us gave a report of growth in one of the christian unions and also the conversion of two students to salvation.

Marita Womens Kafe
we have also chosen to do some social servive in Marita Kafe. where we go there once a week to meet with the women who work on the streets.The focus is this Kafe is to witness to people by giving them love and sharing food with them.we work with very wonderful ladies who have a passion and a vision to save the diamonds from the streets.Everyday i get into that building and see those street girls my heart is challenged to offer more love to people because that is what the world is looking for.Just the other day i saw and talked to transsexual women, i always thought this was theory but in happens in real life, i got so scared at what the world is turning into.Today we have alot of emptiness within peoples hearts, and the world is even pushing us more into filling it up with worthless things that only last for a while and then our hearts are so empty again.What the world is craving for is love, why do we buy so much? why do we want to own everything?why do we keep wanting more?..it is because we want to fit in the society which in the real sence is the deep desire and need for friends, relationships and love. My greatests prayers is that God will put in my heart more love and the grace to share it out. i love this song by casting crowns just litsen to it it explains more